Inspiration for your next ride is as simple as punching #evergreening into an Instagram search.  If you are like me, you’ll find yourself awestruck at the imagery people have recorded while they are off on their boundaryless bicycle pursuits.

Boundaryless,” I saw that description on the Seven Cycles website and it stuck with me.


 Last weekend, for example, we rode to Castle Craig and passed no less than ten opportunities to jump off the road and onto a trail.  Obviously we could have given any of those trails a shot, but we had a big group, some who likely would have been uncomfortable riding their pride and joy through the mud and crud.  So we rode on, and it was awesome, but it left me longing to know what type of #evergreening we were missing, and it got me thinking.  My average rides take place within a thirty mile radius of where I sit.  Most of my rides are on the road, and most of the routes I know from memory.  What is most intriguing to me about #evergreening, is how it opens up previously unexplored (by me) miles in the same “familiar” radius.  I don’t know how many miles of new routes it opens up, or how it might link one familiar loop to another, and that’s part of my intrigue.  Think of the new places to explore, the new connectors.  The new sites and sounds!  Think of the fun to be had.

Well, you won’t need to dream for much longer.  The drawing of our very own Evergreen is in the hands of the Seven Cycles design team as I type.  We are still a few weeks away from arrival, but once it’s here, the bike is for you to demo.  My hope is that you’ll catch the #evergreening fever as I have, and soon, our group rides will be on the road as often as off.

Keep an eye out for updates on the delivery, and build party.

If you’ve already got the fever, and the only prescription is more #evergreening, you might enjoy reading or following the following people:

http://blayleys.blogspot.com/ Perhaps the most impressive cyclists I have ever known.







To name but a few.

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