Winter is Here: Take Advantage!

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Sunlight poured through our windows this morning and, from where I sat, looked like every other glorious “winter” day we have had thus far.  But, stepping outside, it was clear today was different.  In fact, with each passing hour, the temperatures actually went down all morning and well into the afternoon.  Actual winter, quite possibly, has arrived.

Some will respond by moving bikes indoors and dusting off their rollers.  Others will power through by layering up with shoe covers, lobster claws mitts, windproof jackets, insulated tights, toe warmers, hand warmers, arm warmers, leg warmers, and balaclavas.  No matter your approach, this winter makes for an excellent time to order your custom bike, here’s why:

  • Fresh:  After a full season of riding, your bike’s best and worst attributes are likely etched into your mind.  What did you love?  Was there room for improvement? Have you been longing to join the disc brake movement, and the freedom of tire and wheel combinations they present?  Would you prefer a more efficient and comfortable fit?  Are you looking for one bike to do it all, freeing up space in your garage?  Is this the year to build your D2R2 bike?  No matter the reason, addressing your wants and needs when they are fresh in your mind will help ensure your next bike is just right.
  • Options:  There have never been as many options for your custom build as there are right this moment.  Steel, titanium, and carbon & titanium frames.  Mechanical shifting, electronic shifting, and even wireless shifting.  Steel forks, carbon forks, and tapered forks.  Side pull, cantilever, mechanical disc, and hydro disc brakes.  Regular, wide, and wider tires with or without tubes.  Clip on fenders, full coverage fenders, plastic fenders, metal fenders, wooden fenders or no fenders.  With so many options, your bike can, and will, be customized specifically for you and your riding style.
  • Calm:  The lead time on a Seven or a Honey is at about four to seven weeks.  Waiting during the riding season, especially in spring, will feel like an eternity.  Anticipating the arrival of your made to order, built for you bike through the dead of winter, however, will keep you happy and warm all season long.
  • Transition:  Your made to order bike will arrive right when you finish up riding through the dregs and grit of winter.  Then, when the very last grain of salt is swept up off the road, you’ll be primed and ready to jump on your new steed, and won’t look back.

Winter is here, let’s make the most of it by customizing a new bike just for you.  Give us a call when you are ready to begin.

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