True to Brew: Black Hog and OEC

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If you’ll recall, the last True to Brew group ride, “The Coast,” was on the hottest day of the year, of the poorest air quality, of maximum humidity, and ended at an air condition-less brewery, or as we’d call it, a complete success.

Just look how sweaty we were:

True To Brew: Outer Light Brewing Company

True To Brew: Outer Light Brewing Company

The next installment, to be held October 15th, is shaping up to be quite the opposite: cool air, layers, high air quality, and possibly heated breweries?  TBD.

Here are the basic details:

Who:  You!

What:  An on and off road bike ride of about sixty miles in length that features two stops at two breweries.  Gravel, Cyclocross, and fat tired road bikes will likely be required, I’ll know and post more after a pre-ride this weekend.

Where:  The ride will run from the shop to OEC Brewing & Black Hog Brewing Co. in Oxford and back.

When:  9:00 AM departure from 138 Bradley St. in New Haven, on Saturday October 15th.

Why:  For another excuse to ride with y’all.

Extended details:

Much of this ride will be on roads and trails that are new to me, but based on their location, and proximity to parks and forests should be pretty and low on traffic.  Kristin and I will be riding the course this weekend to see how much gravel we can incorporate and where improvements can be made.  The route will feature some climbs, but looks to be around 4,000’ of total gain, so not too difficult.  I am most interested in the off road segments to see how manageable they are.  That’s not true, I am most interested in the rest stop in Oxford.  Oxford is home to two breweries, Black Hog which most of us have had after the Tuesday night rides, or at local pubs.  If my facts are straight the founder also the founder of Caseus in New Haven, so you know they are going to make things that are delicious.  Making a stop at the brewery even more exciting is the fact that they offer exclusive beers, not available outside of their brewery’s doors.  The next stop, OEC, is an elusive brewery that I have only read about, but what I read is good.  They specialize in sour beers, which both Kristin and I are fired up about.  Both breweries offer flights, so we can sample a variety without committing to an afternoon of debauchery.

I’m finalizing the route now, but go ahead and clear your schedules!

Official Sign Up is here:

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