The Build Party

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Like any good party, music helps set the tone.  So before organizing the components or even hanging the frame in the stand, I spent a few minutes thumbing through the LP collection looking for a record that will start the build off on the right foot.

Sometimes the build calls for a certain a genre, or even a specific song or album, like how a Seven Sola pairs perfectly with the Mountain Jam by the Allman Brothers Band followed by the Dead’s Blues for Allah.  The current build is a far cry from a jam band however, for this is a Cafe Racer!  A bike that will discover far off playscapes, sail down boardwalks, and make impromptu trips to the ice cream shoppe.  It will haul kids today, lead them on the adventures of tomorrow, and eventually follow them when they are big enough to choose their own routes.  This bike will be a part of a young, lively, and energetic family, so it seemed only right to select an album that embraced all of that before starting the build.


The choice became increasingly clear as I flipped through the collection, and the closer I got to the S’s, the more excited I became.

Born to Run.



Not only does the music rock, it energizes.  I can’t speak to the deep lyrical meaning of these songs, or any others, but I can certainly, and shallowly, point out that even the track titles are a perfect match: Thunder Road.  Backstreets.  10th Ave.  Across the river.  BORN TO RUN.

I pulled it out of the cover, blew it off, and dropped the needle.  The build party was underway.

Spin the Black Circle

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  1. Todd Rainville
    December 4, 2015

    I would submit Heavy D and the Boyz, Now That we Found Love. The parallels are many. Much like Heavy D, my bike weighs 278 pounds. In addition, when both my bike and the Overweight Lover MC start rolling downhill, it’s really a sight to see. Blazing down a trail at Nintendo speeds with the inertia of a Peterbilt, I remember that I have found love. Next time though, I will consult True Cyclery before handing over my Visa.


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