We offer complete tune-ups so you can enjoy a perfectly performing bike.  We can pick up your bicycle wherever is convenient, or show you how to repair and maintain your bike in person should you be interested in learning to work on your own bike.  We offer three levels of tune ups.

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Bike Fitting

Whether your bike is new or old, taking the time to be professionally fit can help you increase your enjoyment on the bike through better power transfer and efficiency while minimizing the risk of injury.  Fitting sessions typically take about two hours and can be conducted at your home or office, or wherever is most convenient to you.  We can optimize your fit with the equipment you have, and discuss any improvements new components might make.  A bike fitting session costs $150.


We have found that some cyclists simply want an educated, listening ear to bounce ideas off of, whether it be to discuss a used bike or a bike available from another retailer.  Should you find yourself unsure or wavering on pulling the trigger, feel free to use us as an unbiased advisor, we will not push our own products unless asked.  Our advisory service is $60 an hour.


  1. Steve Hogg
    September 13, 2015

    G’day Karl,
    I’m happy for you that your making this move and hope that it all works out well. Best of luck and hoping that you only find tailwinds.

  2. Hank Iglesias
    October 7, 2015

    Karl, so awesome to see that you are using all your skills. All your customers are going to benefit

  3. Mike Clark
    December 14, 2015

    Hey Karl!

    Just wanted to wish you a belated “Best Wishes” as you realize your dream. Hopefully our paths will cross somewhere on down the road (or trail!)


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