Ride for Ben

Whereas most charity rides take place on Saturdays or Sundays, the second annual Ride for Ben took place last Friday and departed promptly at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The benefit?  Thirty smiling riders all anxious to take advantage of the bright sunshine and sixty degree temps.  What a day, what a fun event.

The ride raised money for Ben Was Here Inc, a charity dedicated to the awareness and research of asthma.  Jeff, the founder, lost a young son to asthma just a few years ago, and created this ride in his honor.  He gave an emotional thanks to the group prior to the start, and was obviously warmed to see so much support.  The route planner briefed us on the rules of the road, and the route, and we headed out.

Ride for Ben Group Shot.

I have participated in several charity rides, some huge, some tiny.  This ride, in just its second year, felt seasoned and professional.  It was intimate but incredibly well organized and included all of the fixings.  The route was beautiful, took place on safe roads, and was clearly marked.  I didn’t know anyone, but got the sense that if the group weren’t friends already, they were at least familiar with one another and happy to spend the afternoon together.  They were also welcoming and thanked me on many occasions to have volunteered True Cyclery’s services prior to the ride.

Pre-ride tune up station.

Like every ride in the great state of Connecticut, there were hills, rock walls, farmland, woods, reservoirs, and rivers.  Due to my poor planning, however, they rarely end with a full fledged cook out complete with burgers, brats, dogs, salads, cervezas, laughs and photos.  This ride did a great job of reminding me how much better a brat tastes while you’re both squeezed into casing, one natural one lycra.  Lesson learned. 

Thanks to Ben Was Here Inc, for hosting such a fun ride, and for letting True Cyclery have a work stand at the event.  It’s 363 days away, but I’m excited about next years ride already, I hope you’ll make it too.

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  1. Richard Roth
    November 17, 2015

    Great job, this was very inspiring!


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