Relocating to New Haven?  Welcome!  New Haven has an incredible cycling community, and with the many group and social rides available to you, we’re certain you’ll find a group that is right for you.

If you have a bike, and would prefer to have it delivered to the hands of a bike mechanic instead of a vacant porch, you might be interested in our Shipped Bike, Bike Build (S3B) service.

Shipped Bike, Bike Build

This service includes:

  • Reception:  We will be here to take delivery of your bicycle.
  • Complete Inspection:  Your frame and components will be inspected to ensure they made it through transit in good shape.
  • Assembly:  Your bike will be put together by an expert mechanic and given our basic Big Ride Ready tune up to ensure it works perfectly when you get here.
  • Recycle:  We’ll recycle your bike box and packing material if you’d like.

The S3B starts at $85, new parts and more thorough tune ups at additional cost.

Before shipping your bike to us, you must call or write so we can create a record and provide you with a return authorization number.  Bikes must be professionally packed by a bike shop, and have a True Cyclery return authorization number on the box in order for us to take delivery.  Due to the potential for damage during transit, we recommend insuring your bike through your shipper, in addition, True Cyclery is not responsible for the condition of your bike upon arrival.

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