Personalized Fitting

Your bike has three contact points which, when they are adjusted to fit you, can yield a most comfortable riding experience.  A professional bike fitting might sound intimidating, or something only a racer would need, but it’s not!  A professional bike fitting from True Cyclery can benefit riders of all skills, sizes, and disciplines, and best of all, it’s fun!

All you need for a professional fit is your bike and your preferred riding outfit, we’ll take care of the rest.  From start to finish, a fit will take about two hours, but can fluctuate depending on how much fun you are having.  We will take a variety of measurements, off of you and your bike as it is set up now, then spend some time watching you ride on a trainer.  Once you are warmed up, we’ll snap a “before” picture of you on your bike for comparison purposes.  Next, we’ll implement the SICI fit methodology to determine what changes, if needed, will put you in a good neutral riding position.  To do so we’ll check, and possibly make adjustments to, your:


Saddle Height and Angle

Knee Angle

Knee over Pedal Spindle Measurement

Hip Rotation

Shoulder Angle

Handlebar Rotation

All adjustments will be made with the equipment you currently have, though we will also discuss what, if any, benefits can be had with equipment changes.  We will finish the fitting process with a “post” picture for comparison.  Our goal is to get you in a comfortable, efficient riding position.

Fitting sessions are $150, schedule your appointment today!