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Join me for a 65 – 75 mile ride, featuring numerous climbs, followed by a viewing of the day’s Tour de France stage.

When: Saturday July 16th, at 8:00 am
Where: 138 Bradley Street.
What: Longish bike ride, featuring many hill climbs, that ends at the shop where we’ll be projecting that day’s Tour de France stage.
Who: Cyclists who enjoy fun rides with lots of hills, and who regroup after each big one. No drop.

The pitch: I’ve been watching the Tour de France and feeling jealous of all those luscious hills they get to climb, and to be honest, am sick of it. If you feel the same, I’d suggest clearing your schedules and marking your calendars for Saturday, July 16th. I’m plotting a route that will feature many, if not all of my favorite climbs, from the tried and true Kimberly Ave summit, to my childhood nemesis Ward Street Extension, and many, many hills in between and off to the side and all around. I’m still plugging away at the route but it will be more than 65 miles, and less than 75, I hope to get it somewhere near 100 feet of climbing per mile, without going up the same hill twice. Though the aim of the ride is to be hill-centric, it will have a decent flow and include stops for food and drink when needed.

Due to the heat, and the length of the ride, departure time will be at 8:00 am, and we’ll meet at 138 Bradley Street to start.

When our ride is complete, we can enjoy shade, cold beverages, and a viewing of that day’s tour stage will be projected so we can compare form and fitness.

Who is with me!?

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