Frequently Asked Questions:

1:  How do I order a SevenHoney, or Royal H, Bicycle from True Cyclery?  

Contact us at or call at 203-533-1090 to start the fun.

2:  Where is True Cyclery located?

Our studio is located at 138 Bradley Street in the East Rock village of New Haven, however, we also offer the convenience of being mobile and meeting you at your preferred locale.  Let us know where you are and we’ll meet you in your neck of the woods.

3:  What services does True Cyclery provide?

Sales of new bikes from Seven Cycles, Honey Bicycles, Royal H, and All City.  Bike Fitting and Repair of your current bikes.  Consultation on new or used bikes sold by another retailer or on the used market.

4:  How do I know if True Cyclery is right for me?

Give us a test drive!  We’d love to meet you for a cup of coffee, or a ride, or in our studio to determine if and how True Cyclery can be of use to you.

5:  What type of person uses True Cyclery?

People like you!  In general, we cater to cycling enthusiasts who are looking for a better experience on and off the bike.

6:  Why do you offer a mobile service?

Convenience.  Finding time to drive to a shop can be a challenge, let us come to you.  We don’t stock inventory outside of a few test bikes which allows us to have an open and honest conversation about your next bike without worrying about clearing out old inventory.  The bikes we offer are built to order, designed, and hand crafted specifically for you. 

Should you be in need of repairs, a fitting, or a consultation, being mobile allows us to come to you yet again.  We can pick up and drop off your bike at home or at your office, or you can bring it to us, whichever is more convenient.  We can talk about your bike needs and wants whenever and wherever you are most comfortable.

7:  What if I have more questions?

Contact us with whatever is on your mind.