In a world where spring is in full effect and new bikes are largely out of stock, you might be intrigued to learn that Seven Cycles is still fabricating one bike at a time, in real time, and could realistically get you on a new bike THIS summer.  Say what!?

It’s true, though you may be required to have some flexibility in which components we use to build your bike, Seven’s forecasting model has ensured that they have all the titanium and carbon tubes they need to outlast whatever crisis is thrown their way.  This means that you can still choose between the utter bliss of an ultra butted, all road Evergreen XX, or the snake-in-a-rat-hole handling, carbon tubed 622 line of road bikes, or any one of Seven’s niche filling line up.  No matter the model, Seven is ready for you, and will work with us to source parts as soon as they become available, to get you on the road, or trail, faster.

Seven Axiom XX

The Seven Axiom XX – Could be yours before summer!

Component availability, or lack thereof, is a real concern, but if you are open to embracing what is available and when, you’ll have a much better chance of hitting the road sooner.  We have seen an ebb and flow of parts coming and going over the past year.  Sometimes Shimano is available, sometimes Sram, Sometimes Campy.  Lucky for everyone, is that each of these manufacturer’s offerings are so, so good.  Sram’s incredible wireless AXS builds have been coming in periodically and might be the best bet today, but Shimano could come in at any time.  Campy’s 12 speed components are also out but rumored to be trickling in starting mid May.  There is hope, and the more flexible you are, the better.

Important!  The sooner you order, the sooner we can take advantage of parts that are available now, and nab the ones that become available down the road.  It may take a several weeks, even months to get you on a new bike, but that’s faster than most stock brands can promise at this time.  Matching component colors, specific tire widths, or your preferred chain might seem important now, but they won’t when you are soaking in the warm sun, gobbling up mile after mile, and falling in love with your new bike.

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