Puglia, Italy in Pictures, Day 2

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Day 2 started off as we had dreamt about, namely in the big hard sun.  We left our campsite and headed out to see some history, to eat the fruit of the land, and to find an espresso in a village center. More to come on day three.    

Puglia, Italy in Pictures, Day 1

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Two weeks ago we rode through Puglia, a most beautiful region of southern Italy.  The “heel of the boot” as I have been saying, provided history, views, and all of the fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, and wine you could hope for.   Here are some photos from day 1:   Rough plotting of our […]

A Big and Elegant Seven Cycles Axiom SL

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Rob C., gave me a call in late February when he decided he couldn’t research his next bike any longer and the time had come to make a move.  According to him, it was the end of a five year search that had him pouring over review after review while he logged miles on his […]

Moving Right Along

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The right print, to hang on the wall above the tool chest, is proving to be elusive. The rest of the shop is coming along nicely however, especially with the recent arrival of an adjustable, stationary fit bike positioned right in front of the window. Our collection of demo bikes rotate a bit, but in […]

Three’s Company

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When the O’Brien’s opened up their bike shop at 138 Bradley Street, sometime in the early 1900’s, I can only imagine that they thought the location was special. East Rock’s summit was just as much in view then, if not more so. The street may not have been one way like it is today, but […]

Cyclists to Know: John Pescatore

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The first time I met John Pescatore we were congregating for a group ride on the front stoop of the Coffee Pedaler.  I could tell from the sling on his arm that he wouldn’t be joining us that morning, but equally obvious, was how badly he wanted to suit up.  “Just a few more weeks,” […]

Photo Shoot

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Occasionally a bike comes together so well that people can’t help but take notice.  The angles look just right.  The tubes are neither too long nor too short.  The colors work together in perfect harmony.  Jackie’s Cafe Racer S was just such a bike, I knew it when it was finished, but Seven Cycles also […]

Cyclists to Know: @bobbinnsprocket

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The discovery feature of Instagram has introduced me to inspiring people, brands, and endless cycling culture.  A few months ago I clicked on an image of a small bike on a pleasing dirt path because I wanted to be there on my bike.  The trail turned out to be in Connecticut, as did the poster, […]

Birthday Bike

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Fat white-walls, swept back bars, and massive sprung saddles provided all the luxury of a 70’s Cadillac as they rode down 1st avenue and gazed at the waves crashing on the beach.  The bikes were rentals, used and abused, poorly fitting and absolutely perfect for the flat, slow roads of the Jersey Shore.  They’d been […]


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With a few days to go before Christmas, the final components for Ben’s Cafe Racer S had arrived.  I wrote about his bike before, but in a nutshell it’s the ultimate family bike.  Designed for heavy kid and toddler use his bike will be subjected to trailers, kid seats, rack and panniers, picnics, play-scapes, accidental […]