Spring Rides and the Season Starter Tune Up Promotion

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Spring is a rewarding time to ride.  I love the lively birds who chirp and squawk like they haven’t seen another bird in months or have strong opinions on how best to build a nest.  The same goes for the group riders, many of whom haven’t been on a ride since fall, so chatty we […]

NAHBS – 2018

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I overheard someone refer to the annual North American Handmade Bike Show as the “World Series of Bike Shows,” and I thought that sounded pretty appropriate.  My first trip to NAHBS was in 2010 when I worked the Seven Cycles booth in Richmond, Virginia.  That show opened my eyes to a whole new world of […]

Cyclocross Frame Design: An Evening with Seven Cycles

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Listen to Seven Cycles’s frame designers discuss the ins and outs, challenges, and nuances of designing custom cross bikes, and buy yourself a pint of Hog River Brewing Co. to make an already great night even better!  There will be insight, discussion, and time for Q&A with the world’s largest custom frame builder. Event details […]

True to Brew to Brew to True: Updated and Ready to Rollout

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Saturday’s True to Brew to Brew to True ride is now officially plotted and pre-ridden, and will be an absolute blast…for the rider looking for a little adventure.  Why adventure?  Because in addition to riding beautifully paved roads, we’ll be riding on some unimproved roads, some dirt trails, some gravel paths, and a sprinkling of […]

True to Brew: Black Hog and OEC

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If you’ll recall, the last True to Brew group ride, “The Coast,” was on the hottest day of the year, of the poorest air quality, of maximum humidity, and ended at an air condition-less brewery, or as we’d call it, a complete success. Just look how sweaty we were: The next installment, to be held […]

Detour de Connecticut: A Day in the Saddle

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The Detour de Connecticut was a bit of a mystery as far as I could tell.  From all I had heard, the ride itself was similar in design to the famed D2R2, in that it was mostly off road, close to 120 miles in length, offered rolling hills, views, farmland, and required bikes with a […]

Newsletter Sign Ups

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Newsletters tend to sit in my inbox, unread, until I do a mass clearing of spam every week.  The few I do click have earned my readership by consistently providing me with worthwhile stories, imagery, and events.  With the creation of the True Cyclery Newsletter, our aim is not to bombard your inbox with weekly […]

Royal H Custom All Roads

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I have more than twelve years of experience working with Seven Cycles, who just summarized why they are, in my opinion, the best custom builder in the world namely, because they listen, then proceed as a team, working side by side with the rider and the bike shop to ensure the very best bike gets fabricated.  […]

Monday Night Ramble

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I had heard stories, or rather legends, from rides past.  Torrential downpours.  Flat tires.  Riders flying over their bars.  Flat tires.  The lone rider of the apocalypse who showed up on a Zagster rental bikes and promptly scorched the course.  Flat tires.  Single track through moonlit fields of thigh high hay with nothing more than […]

Puglia, Italy in Pictures, Day 5

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On our fifth and final day of riding, we started with an epic descent on our way to Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We walked down until we were near the cave dwellings, which were now touristy restaurants, and indulged.