Inspiration for your next ride is as simple as punching #evergreening into an Instagram search.  If you are like me, you’ll find yourself awestruck at the imagery people have recorded while they are off on their boundaryless bicycle pursuits. “Boundaryless,” I saw that description on the Seven Cycles website and it stuck with me.  Last […]

Ride for Ben

Whereas most charity rides take place on Saturdays or Sundays, the second annual Ride for Ben took place last Friday and departed promptly at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The benefit?  Thirty smiling riders all anxious to take advantage of the bright sunshine and sixty degree temps.  What a day, what a fun event. The ride […]

The Fuss.

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“What is all the fuss about?”  Seems to be a question that gets asked more frequently than ever in the cycling industry.  When the question is presented to us, it is usually preceded by one of the following: Disc brakes on road bikes.  What is all of the fuss about? Gravel grinding.  What is all […]

Night Moves

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Workin’ on mysteries without any clues Workin’ on our night moves -B. Seger After a full night of charging, the eight-pound, water bottle shaped battery was primed to release a blinding three hundred lumens of light for nearly two hours.  At the time, there was nothing brighter or lighter to cut through the darkness of the woods.  […]

A View to a Thrill

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The first cyclocross bike I ever saw lacked so much grace, that I think I wrote off the sport right then and there.  This particular bike had linear pull brakes, travel adapters, an boxy fork, and a filthy pair of knobbies.  At the time, cross was new to me, and made little sense.  Who wants […]

Better than Expected

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I thought I knew what peak season looked like. I thought I knew how pretty the White Mountains were. But then I rode up and over the Kancamagus Highway last weekend, and learned my lesson.  The colors and the views, right there in front of me, were too grand to accept as real life. This […]

Seasonal RLS

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I may have developed an acute seasonal case of RLS.  Why?  So.  Many.  Reasons. #1  Autumn arrived in the middle of the night.  I woke, for the first time under the blanket, to a noticeable chill and the prominent sound of dry leaves rustling in the wind.  The air was crisp, which wasn’t the case […]

New Haven Grand Prix

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New Haven’s first ever Grand Prix Criterium took place down town last night, and I am still feeling the excitement the morning after.  What a fun night.  People were lining Chapel Street, mingling, cheering, and eating at the tables the restaurants had put out next to the course.  Even though the announcers joked about how […]

A Trip To Luxe

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Have you seen Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  If so, think back to when Willie introduces the few remaining ticket holders to the Wonka Vision room.  If you’ll recall, he takes a giant Wonka Bar and zaps it with his proprietary camera, which sends it to a tv on the other side of the […]

The Ride of a Lifetime

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The last time I bought a road bike, my preferred riding discipline, was in the summer of 2005.  I was a year out of grad school and still feeling pretty green as a customer service representative at Seven Cycles.  Though I was always a cyclist, grad school put a damper on my riding, as I […]