A Tale of Two All City Super Professionals

When All-City Cycles released the Super Professional a few months ago, the shop was aflutter with chatter.  “What dis?” we said.   The ad copy was luscious, it read: ELEGANT SUPER COMMUTER Informed by our famed cross geometry to be fast, responsive, agile, and capable on mixed terrain, the Super Professional is a full-on everyday destroyer loaded […]

John Martin’s Evergreen SL – Review

John Martin, friend, cyclist, founder of the Bradley Street Bicycle Co-Op recently took delivery of his Seven Cycles Evergreen SL, and was kind enough to write a review complete with photos: I am 30 years old with the bank account of an 18 year old. I work on bikes for a living, and have had […]

Royal H Custom All Roads

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I have more than twelve years of experience working with Seven Cycles, who just summarized why they are, in my opinion, the best custom builder in the world namely, because they listen, then proceed as a team, working side by side with the rider and the bike shop to ensure the very best bike gets fabricated.  […]

A Big and Elegant Seven Cycles Axiom SL

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Rob C., gave me a call in late February when he decided he couldn’t research his next bike any longer and the time had come to make a move.  According to him, it was the end of a five year search that had him pouring over review after review while he logged miles on his […]

Birthday Bike

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Fat white-walls, swept back bars, and massive sprung saddles provided all the luxury of a 70’s Cadillac as they rode down 1st avenue and gazed at the waves crashing on the beach.  The bikes were rentals, used and abused, poorly fitting and absolutely perfect for the flat, slow roads of the Jersey Shore.  They’d been […]


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With a few days to go before Christmas, the final components for Ben’s Cafe Racer S had arrived.  I wrote about his bike before, but in a nutshell it’s the ultimate family bike.  Designed for heavy kid and toddler use his bike will be subjected to trailers, kid seats, rack and panniers, picnics, play-scapes, accidental […]

Winter is Here: Take Advantage!

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Sunlight poured through our windows this morning and, from where I sat, looked like every other glorious “winter” day we have had thus far.  But, stepping outside, it was clear today was different.  In fact, with each passing hour, the temperatures actually went down all morning and well into the afternoon.  Actual winter, quite possibly, […]

The Build Party

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Like any good party, music helps set the tone.  So before organizing the components or even hanging the frame in the stand, I spent a few minutes thumbing through the LP collection looking for a record that will start the build off on the right foot. Sometimes the build calls for a certain a genre, […]

From Watertown with Love

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To this day I don’t know why they took me under their wings, but I was grateful for the opportunity.  The shop owner, and the two mechanics showed me the ropes, one component at a time, each imparting their wisdom on a sixth grader who loved bikes but had no prior skills.  I doubt they […]

His and Hers

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Two bikes, “his and hers” so to speak, are underway at True Cyclery, and the anticipation is building as parts begin to arrive.  I’m looking forward to building them up in time for the holidays, but much of the fun of this project was the brainstorming prior to the build.  Unlike our usual road or […]