Bed of Roses Update via Zoom

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Bryan of Royal H Cycles, Phil of local possibly national lore, and I sat down for an update on the Bed of Roses all road revolution bike. Apologies for the cursing. Bed of Roses

Huge Progress – B.O.R. Update

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Bryan Hollingsworth of Royal H Cycles sent an email last week with wonderful news. The Bed of Roses Frameset is ready for paint! He sent tantalizing photos as well, seen below. Next up is to confirm the paint template and send it off to get painted. Actually, before we do that, we’ll have a live […]

Drillium – Bed of Roses Update

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Sometimes a bike calls for a little extra in terms of artsy modifications. The Bed of Roses project is just such a job, and Bryan took an already fancy Nitto Pearl stem, and made it five levels more fancy, as far I can count. These photos reminded me of a story. Early on in my […]

Bed of Roses – UNDERWAY

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Bryan at Royal H sent us a pair of snapshots to wet our whistles. Notice the teeny tiny lugs, in addition to looking sleek, they’ll allow for the full flex of the thin, plush, spirited ride of the Kaisei steel tubes. We’ll post pictures as we get them.

True Tool Roll

A few months ago I learned of Yellow Bird Thread Works via a friend who found them on Instagram.  “He makes bike bags in Chester!”  Chester is a top tier rest stop on a ride because Honeycone ice cream is there, as is Little House brewing, as is Simon’s Marketplace, a trifecta of offerings to […]

Bed of Roses Update #3

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Had a good old fashioned zoom with the Bed of Roses task force, it went an hour but felt like ten minutes. We got a sneak peak at the tubing, the micro lugs, fork blades, and the BB lug junction. We discussed some of Bryan’s design philosophy and next steps for the project. Watch and […]

Total Gratification – Bed of Roses Update #2

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One way I might be accused of showing my age is my nostalgia for delayed gratification.  Remember when you had to collect a certain amount of UPC symbols to either receive or be allowed to pay for the Emperor Star Wars action figure?  You couldn’t just head over to the local Child World or Toy […]

Project – Bed of Roses Update #1

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We’re plodding along, and have made a few big decisions on the project already, even in its infancy: Tubeset – Ordered!  Using both Jan Heine and Bryan Hollingsworth’s wisdom, we opted for oversized, thin wall tubing and a 1” steerer.  These are butted steel Kaisei tubes with a wall thickness of .7/.4/.7 , which should […]

Project Bike

A hundred years ago, when there were no more hand-me-down bikes to give me, I was gifted a dream bike, the Trek 1000.  Black with blue outlined red decals, all the best colors, nothing more. There has never been a faster bike.  Equipped with Suntour Edge components and Trek’s own Matrix hard anodized grey rims, […]

Finding a Pot of Gold in the small world of the Bike Biz.

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The total number of employees at Seven Cycles fluctuated around twenty five, but only about eight occupied the small office on the customer facing side of the business, where I sat for ten years.  Colleagues would trickle in and out, but each had a huge impact on the culture.  The open floor plan of the […]